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PostSubject: armadyl   Thu Jul 15, 2010 11:24 am

armadyl (Pronounced: "Arm-a-dil") is the God of Justice. Armadyl and Saradomin, his theorised successor, are allies unlike Zaros and Zamorak, who are enemies, as Zamorak banished Zaros. Worship of Armadyl is largely limited to the Guardians of the Staff of Armadyl. It is not known why his following diminished so largely. It is possible that his followers switched to Saradominism, as the religions are alike, or that they all went extinct like the Aviantese, a race once-thought dead; Saradomin himself speaks highly of Armadyl and has admitted their faiths differ in only minor ways. The Aviantese were Armadyl's favourite creations, though it is not known if there were others. Some were frozen in the God Wars Dungeon, now awakened to continue fighting. In fact, he loved his Aviantese so much that he entrusted them with guarding his staff, the hilt he crafted for the mighty Godsword, along with other relics. Their supposed extinction, and Zaros' banishment, are the major factors of his departure from Gielinor. Armadyl (or at least the Guardians) seem to hold the Mahjarrat in low esteem, especially Lucien, who has stolen the staff to further his designs.


Although little is currently known of Armadyl, most point to the time of his appearance due to his arrival in Gielinor during the First Age, roughly around the time Zaros had arrived. The Aviantese, a race of bird-creatures, worshipped Armadyl as his beloved followers and had originally been given the goal of protecting his relics, namely the Staff of Armadyl, from falling into the wrong hands. However during the Second Age his Staff was stolen, leading to Zaros's banishment from Gielinor and Zamorak's ascendance to godhood. Although Armadyl had intended on remaining active throughout the rest of the God Wars, the tragic extinction of the Aviantese and the banishment of Zaros led him into inactivity. Before Armadyl's disappearance into the Third Age, he charged an entrusted group of humans, and their descendants, to guard the Staff and to protect it from falling within the reaches of evil for yet a second time. This group of humans became known as the Guardians of Armadyl. Most information about Armadyl and his current followers are discovered throughout the Temple of Ikov quest. The Guardians also carry and the Armadyl pendant.

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