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 Important Notice!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Important Notice!!!!!!   Sat Sep 25, 2010 3:03 am

Disrespect is somethin you don't want to go through

A couple days ago many of you saw larry_the_deer post about tree resignation of koy clan. It will become true if you guys don't kick up and get your lazy ass out there helping your TEAM! This goes to all members. I don't care if your in a middle of something, I want you to get your ass out and help your TEAM if they are in TROUBLE! Disrespecting is one of the worst thing you can do to your teammate. If you don't listen now then you'll soon see yourself off Koy Clan. Who ever laughed and tick tree off you better think before you do anything to YOUR TEAM! When tree asked for help who actually wanted to help but was in Non-mem or actually helped but didn't make it? Listen did your team ever have to stop what their doing and help you? YES!!!!! Tree helped me when I died at gwd! I help you when you ask for something! Everyone have to budge in or get out of the Clan. Tree will be staying in the clan but only if you get up and help! If not then I'll be happy to kick myself out of the clan. This is your last warning and will be the only warning you get! If you can't fix your problem with the clan than I will have nothing to do with you. If this clan fails than we will creat a more respectful clan.

Do you understand?
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Important Notice!!!!!!
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