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 Mage Training Arena.

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PostSubject: Mage Training Arena.   Fri Aug 13, 2010 12:55 am

How to make big money and get up your Magic level?

Its only the one answer Mage Training Arena.

So its a very good think to do, make money and train magic so awesome. Most people thinks that you waste more money than you get but the true is you are making money! How its possible?? Most of you maybe thinks so right now... or maybe not but anyways i will write that down

How to get started:

- Buy Apprentice wand costs around from 57k to 151k its depends what price you will find on G.E

- Later Buy some runes: / Costs Around: Normal price on G.E
~ 680 cosmic runes / 47k
~800 nature runes /180k
~400 law runes /112k

- Don't forget about you progress hat to get points

To upgrade your Apprentice wand you will need special Pizzazz points and you get them by playing the mage training arena activities

To upgrade your wand from Apprentice wand to Teacher wand you will need:

Telekinetic 150
Alchemist 200
Enchantment 1500
Graveyard 150

How to get Telekinetic points??

In mage training arena you will find four different portals go to the portal named ''Telekinetic Teleport''
Your job is to cast the spell Telekinetic Grab on the stone statue inside the maze. You must move the statue around the maze by running to the side of the maze you want the statue to move towards and casting the spell. The statute will then move towards you. It will go as far as it can before hitting a wall or some other obstacle. You cannot make it stop in the middle of movement, so the maze requires some strategy and looking-ahead to do properly.

You will need:

- Law runes
- Air staff
- Progress Hat

- Boots of Lightness
- Spotted or Spottier cape

For each maze you complete you will receive 2 telekinetic pizazz points. On the 5th maze you complete, you will receive 8 bonus points. That means 5 mazes will get you 18 points. You will also receive 10 law runes and 1,000 experience for every 5 mazes completed.

So you need like complete 45 mazes so its like 162 points and you will get 45000 magic xp and 450 law runes... not bad att all huh??


- Dress light, always keep run on. Don't bring armor or other heavy things to the arena, they are unneeded and just weigh you down.

-Remember that you cannot drag the statue diagonally, so standing at corners will not move the statue. Casting the spell from a spot where there is an obstacle in front of the statue will waste laws as well.

- Move where you need to, but if there is a choice always stop to consider each path before taking one. This will stop you from wasting laws by going the wrong way. These mazes are not hard to figure out if you just look ahead.

How to get Alchemist points??

In mage training arena you will find four different portals go to the portal named ''Alchemists' Teleport''

Firstly, you need to understand the display in the top right-hand corner of the game window. The numbers beside the items indicates how many coins you obtain when you alchemize that specific item. When an arrow points to an item, it means that you can high alchemy that item, free of charge (i.e. it doesn't use any runes). The amounts on the display change randomly, so keep a close eye on it.

Now onto the cupboards and coin collector. Each cupboard contains one of the following items, and changes at random: leather boots, adamant kiteshield, adamant med helm, emerald, or rune longsword. The items in the cupboards randomize, when the display in the top right changes. The coin collector, found in the back of the room, will take your coins, and give you magic XP and alchemy pizazz points, depending on how many coins you deposit. Note that you receive 1 pizazz point per 100 coins. They do not stack up over time, so before you deposit the coins, make sure you have a hundred number.

Now what you need to do is pick up items from the cupboards and cast High or Low Level Alchemy on them. When the items prices change the items also change which cupboard they are in, so staying at one cupboard is not a good plan. Make sure you keep up with the prices; you don't want to waste a nature rune on something that only costs 1gp. I would recommend stocking up on two or three different items and waiting until those items cost 15gp or 30gp, when the price is high go ahead and cast your alchemy spell on those items.

You will need:
- Nature Runes
- Fire Staff
- Progress Hat


You will receive 2 XP for every coin that you deposit and you receive the normal XP for cast High or Low Level Alchemy. Also, you will receive 1 Alchemy Pizazz Point for every 100 coins deposited and 10 coins for every 100 deposited.

So you need like 20000 coins to get 200 points and you also gets 40000 magic xp and 2000 coins to your bank.


- The coin collector can only take 12000 coins each time you will deposit so look att your money.

How to get Enchantment points??

In mage training arena you will find four different portals go to the portal named ''Enchanters Teleport''

Upon entering the chamber, you will be in an area with four separate rooms to the north-east, north-west, south-east and south-west. Each room contains one type of shape, as well as one of another shape.

In the middle of the chamber is a big well. In this well, you drop your orbs. To get orbs, you must cast any enchantment spell on any shape. Note that you only receive 75% of the regular magic XP given for each enchant spell. The four shapes include: Icosahedrons, pentamid, cylinder and cube.

You will need:

- Cosmic Runes
- The other types of runes, or staves you bring, depend upon your magic level.
- Progress Hat


- Boots of lightness
- Spotted or spottier cape


When you enchant a "bonus shape," you will receive one pizazz point per shape. Depending on which enchant spell you are using, you will get additional pizazz points for each 10th "bonus shape" you enchant. The bonus is equal to the spell level you use for the 10th shape.
There are also 6 Dragonstone spawns in the room. These cannot be taken out of the room, as they are also a bonus shape that can be enchanted. You get 2 pizazz points per level of spell you use to enchant these (in other words you can get 10 pizazz points for each of these using level-5 jewellery [dragonstone] enchantment). For every 20 orbs dropped into the well, you will also receive 3 death, cosmic, or blood runes.

Here it depends how do you gonna do and what enchant spell you are using i cant write how much you will need to make 1500 points and you will get 75% xp for every enchant spell you are using


- Dress light, always keep run on. Don't bring armor or other heavy things to the arena, they are unneeded and just weigh you down.

- If you wish to collect a large number of enchantment pizazz points, you will have to collect a load of shapes, and wait until the chamber guardian changes the current "bonus shape" to the shape you have in your inventory, before enchanting them.

How to get Graveyard poins??

In mage training arena you will find four different portals go to the portal named ''Graveyard Teleport''

Before you do this, make sure you bring some food like sharks if you can not use Bones to Peaches. You will be constantly receiving damage so you need some food to heal back up. To start off go to the North-Eastern corner and start grabbing bones out of the piles. Once you have about 13 bones, cast the bones to Bananas Spell. You may be wondering why you cast the spell before you are full bones. Well the reason is that bones give from 1-4 bananas each so you average about two bananas from each bone, so it is much quicker this way. Once you have the bananas, go just west of where you were picking up bananas and deposit your bananas into the food chutes by right clicking the chutes and selecting "Deposit Food Chute".

If you are wondering what that list in the lower right hand corner is, it is a list that shows how many bananas you get per bone. The "4" next to the top bone means you get four bananas per bone, the "3" next to the second bone down means you get three bananas per bone, and so on and so fourth.

You will need:

- Nature Runes
- Mud battlestaff = free water & earth runes or water staff and earth runes/ earth staff and water runes (i think mud battlestaff will be the best)
-Progress Hat


As a reward, you will receive 1 Pizazz Point for every 16 bananas that you deposit and the usual XP for casting Bones to Bananas or Bones to Peaches.

So you will need like 2400 bananas to get 150 point and you will get random runes and the normal xp for casting bones to bananas or bones to peaches spell:

- Bones To Bananas: 60000 magic xp
- Bones To Peaches: 85200 magic xp

And when you did get all the points just upgrade your wand and thats how you earned from 1m to 1,25m depends on what time did you sell it on G.E or upgrade it to Master Wand that costs around from 2,7m to 4,5m

If you want to upgrade you wand from teacher wand to Master wand you will need:

Telekinetic 240
Alchemist 240
Enchantment 2400
Graveyard 240

and its like around:

1100 cosmic runes / 76k
1100 nature runes /247k
600 law runes /167k

So for all if you want to upgrade a Apprentice wand to Teacher wand you will get:

-490k to buy stuffs (Apprentice wand, Cosmic Runes, Law Runes, Nature Runes All on the high price)

+ from 1m to 1,25m

+ Very much magic xp

+ 2k from Alchemists Teleport

= 512k + Very much magic xp (all stuffs bought and sold on the high price)

If you want to upgrade teacher wand to master wand you will get:

- 980k (To buy all stuffs needed to upgrade apprentice wand + teacher wand)

+ Much more magic xp then before

+ from 2,7m to 4,5m

+ 4,4k from Alchemists Teleport

= 3,5m + Much more magic xp than before (all stuffs bought and sold on high price)

Some info i did read on and pasted them here mathematics thing is mine how much coins, bananas, mazes to upgrade wand to master wand will appear later have a great training and good cash!


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PostSubject: Re: Mage Training Arena.   Fri Aug 13, 2010 6:34 am

nice work btw we gotta chat soon on update. Im not giving up yet.
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Mage Training Arena.
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